About Us

As a cost saving measure, this site was developed by the Del Norte County Department of Information Technology to combine the various meetings and events we broadcast onto one website.

Prior to this site being released, you had to go to each agencies site to find their live video and archive links.  As of the release of this site, three agencies broadcast their meetings through our services.  The Del Norte County Board of Supervisors, Crescent City City Council, and Solid Waste Management Authority.  With our move to streamline our services and reduce the costs to agencies that want to broadcast, we hope to add more agencies soon.

Frequently Asked Questions...

How do we get our meetings broadcast?
Agencies that would like to broadcast their meeting using this system should contact the Del Norte County Department of Information Technology at 840 9th Street, Suite 12, Crescent City - (707) 464-7207.

Who can use these services?
At this time we can only provide broadcast services to Government entities.

What does it cost?
Costs for broadcasting and archiving your meetings will depend on the length, frequency, and location of your meeting.  For meetings held at the Del Norte County Flynn Administrative Center the costs range from $15 to $25 per hour.  Broadcasting can be done from other locations as long has high speed Internet is available.

How does it work?
The County uses product called a TriCaster which allows us to utilize multiple cameras to record a meeting.  From this device we send the video stream to an account we have with ustream.tv.  Ustream broadcasts our meeting live, and a recording is posted to our youtube account for archived viewing.  You can watch our meetings from this site where we have embeded the ustream video, or view it directly from our ustream channel.

What do I need to view the video?
Our live meetings are broadcast using ustream.tv which allows for viewing on most types of computers, tablets, phones, etc.